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perfect, both sides
the no makeup side even looks flawless
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Zac after he dropped a condom on the rep carpet! 

Never forget.
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Artist: bastille

(Source: wavedways, via t-ribalwaves)

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“Shit It’s raining”

I can’t think of a better thing to put on an umbrella.

love the french
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Zoe Saldana for C Magazine
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Always read the books. This is why they are so much better than the films.

He was meant to have a human death
to show he was just human
a twisted human

he was supposed to die like a mortal
not turn into fucking butterflies

i will reblog this until the end of time

But there’s also something else. The first time he ”died”, when he unsuccessfully tried to kill Harry, there was no dead body to prove that he was gone. So people lived on, most of them fearing that, since there was no tangible proof, he would return. To quote Hagrid, ”Some say he died. Codswallop, in my opinion.” and ”Most of us reckon he’s still out there”. Voldemort’s death in the book provided everyone with proof that the most feared villain of all times was now gone, this time forever. The movie, however, took this concept and distorted it, and therefore (in my opinion) ruined this ultimate moment.